We acknowledge the Wardandi people, traditional owners of this noongar country – past, present, and emerging. We appreciate the Elders teachings of spirituality, land, flora and fauna, language, music and dance, sky, and sea. We accept the privilege to share their knowledge, values, and traditions with our future generations, connecting children and families to boodja.

We are a community based long day care centre which is committed to providing high quality care and we value the opportunity to work in partnership with families to support the uniqueness of the individual child.

We recognise the value of educators/staff who conduct themselves in a professional & responsible manner and who enjoy working with children, striving to give 100% responsiveness to all children’s strengths, abilities and interests. Our educators believe in holistic approaches to teaching, the value of play (play based learning) and the connectedness of the mind, body and spirit as the children of the centre go about their day learning through play and intentional teaching opportunities.

Our educators promote secure attachments and a strong sense of Wellbeing as they provide a safe and healthy environment where children are supported and nurtured through warm, trusting relationships and offered learning opportunities which promote self-dignity and personal protection.  Child Protection and Protective Behaviours are a focus in our learning journey.

We honour the values of BelongingBeing and Becoming, providing opportunities for children to construct their own identities and understandings of the world.  Our inclusive practices respect, honour and celebrate the Cultural Diversity within the centre and wider community and support children and their families’ individual needs.

The centre strives to provide welcoming spaces which reflect and enrich the lives, identities, needs and interests of all children and that supports and promotes a sustainable future through its teachings.

Our Early Childhood pedagogy and meaningfully constructed learning environments are guided by the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK and will ensure that CHILDREN:

  • Have a strong sense of identity.
  • Are connected with and contribute to their world.
  • Have a strong sense of wellbeing.
  • Are confident and involved learners.
  • Are effective communicators.

An assessment of children’s learning will be maintained by the gathering of evidence about what the children know, can do and understand. This is an ongoing cycle that includes planning, documenting and evaluating the individual child’s journey and is complimented by family involvement and contributions to their learning.

Our days are filled with fun, activities and quiet times, designed to meet each child’s individual needs and interests’ supporting continuity of learning and fostering positive transitions between all aspects of the children’s lives.

The centre will strive to maintain Best Practice in relation to the Principles, Practices, National Quality Standards, Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations