Fees and Services


Fee values as of 01.01.2019:

Babies Room
Daily: $112.50 / Weekly: $512.50 / Casual $115.50

Daily: $110.00 / Weekly: $500.00 / Casual: $112.50

Casual Cancellation Fee: $20.00.

Age groupings

0-2 years (Babies Room)
2-3 years (Toddies Room)
3-6 years (Big Room)
4 years Kinder
4-8 years Vacation Care – to view our latest Vacation Care Program please see our Facebook Page


43 places.

Out of Pocket Costs

The Australian Government provides financial assistance to reduce the cost of child care for families.

We are registered with the Department of Education and Training as a Centre Based Care Service.

For a personalised estimate, you can visit the Child Care Estimator.

For more information you can visit the Department of Education


As we are not a purpose built centre we have minimal preparation area to provide meals.  For this reason we ask families to supply their child with a nutritious lunch each day following our traffic lights healthy eating guidelines. We will provide morning and afternoon tea.

View our morning tea menu